Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunnie's Lamb

These are hard working girls. They carried two 50 lb. bags of Lamb feed from our house to Sunnie's friend (Jennifer) house where they keep their lambs.

Sunnie's lamb(Sundance) and Jennifer's lamb(Lambow).
They are for 4-H. Aren't they cute?

Preston's Library Books!

The day our library books were due:

Mom- Ok find your books, they're due today! Preston make sure you find all

10 books!

Preston- Running around the house trying to find his books. Found 8 out of 10.

Preston- Sunnie where are my other 2 books?

Sunnie- I don't know go and find it!

Preston- I can't find it, I need to pray and ask Jesus to help me!

Sunnie help me pray!

Sunnie- You go pray by yourself and then try to find it again!

Preston- Went to pray and came back, now he found one more book.

Still couldn't find all 10.

Mom- K I'm leaving, go get in the car. We have to go now!

Preston- Went in a car and looked down and there it was, his 1 book.

Hey, here's that book! Jesus didn't help, I found it all by myself!

Sunnie- Yes he did. He helped you to know where to look. What did you expect?

Jesus to come down himself and help you? Gosh Preston.

Valentines Day!

A couple of weeks before Valentines Tyler had asked me to make dinner for him, his date (Stephanie), Tayler and his date(Jessica) before the Stake dance. I didn't really say anything. A week pass by, I told Tyler that I didn't really want to spend all day cooking on Valentines Day. Paul said I'll take you out for diner honey, whatever you want. Somehow Kailee heard me talking to Tyler and she said "I'll make you guys dinner Tyler!" So I told her that I will help. Valentines Day come, Kailee got up and went horse riding with Paul. When she got back we started on the dinner. She was very creative. It turned out awesome! We had a very nice candle light dinner. We enjoyed our steak and shrimps, mashed potatoes, salad and fabalous dessert. Kailee, Justin and Sunnie served us. Kailee also got to go to her first Stake Dance Saturday. Can't believe she is old enough!

Sunnie's Rodeo

Congrats to Sunnie for doing a great job on her Barrel Race and Poles Race!!
She got a check for doing really good on her Poles Race.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy 14th Birthday Kailee!!!!!!

CONGRATS Kailee!! She made the girls school Basketball Team!! Yay!!!!!!!!! <-{[]